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Facilitator – Individual


  • 12-week / 24 classes (instant online access) – 20 power-packed minutes each
  • Matching NTN Lessons for Healthy Living “iCAN” FACILITATOR EDITION PDF Workbook
  • 1 Private Log-In Credential to Facilitator Training


Nourish The Nations Lessons for Healthy Living Plan Facilitator Course

A plan for your health…God’s way!

The Nourish The Nations (NTN) Lessons for Healthy Living Plan utilizes online video teachings and an integrated inspirational PDF workbook, as well as class discussions and interactive small group activities lead by trained facilitators, to guide students through Biblically-based, practical steps to attain and maintain true health in body, soul, and spirit.

This dynamic 12-week program will show students show you how to get started easily and simply, stay motivated and on track, revitalize their life, lose fat and get fit once and for all, break addictions, transform the culture of their Church and community, and much more!

As a certified facilitator, you will hold NTN classes for an hour and a half to two hours each week for twelve weeks. You will coordinate your schedule with your church or ministry leaders.

Online Videos:

In this series, you will be challenged and empowered by Drs. Jeff and Andrea Hazim to use God’s Word to revolutionize your health. Their refreshing teaching style incorporates passion and humor, making each lesson easy to understand and apply.

Ask yourself this question: “Where am I getting my health advice?” The world adopts theirs from the mass media, which is dominated by the advertising dollars of the pharmaceutical, junk food, and chemical industries. Christians are not safe getting health advice or taking lifestyle cues from industries motivated strictly by profit.

Where then can we find our answers? The Bible is the greatest health book ever written and Christians should rely on it to formulate a proper worldview in every area of our lives, including matters of health.

In Lessons for Healthy Living 2.0, Drs. Jeff and Andrea present new scientific discoveries that validate the use of God’s Word to revolutionize your health in body, soul, and spirit!

In just 20 power-packed minutes, each of the 24 modules helps you take manageable steps to enjoy health – the way God intended – by empowering you to trust the Bible to shape every facet of your life. You can do this!

The Lessons for Healthy Living Plan FACILITATORS EDITION:

The 208 page PDF manual maximizes the benefits from each lesson for students to achieve ULTIMATE results!

The simple iCAN format ensures that you can experience transformation:
i- Impact: each week students describe the profound impact the lessons have had (and will have) on their lives.
C- Change: change is the bedrock of a results-based curriculum. Students identify the specific actions required in their lives to experience real transformation.
A- Action: Action is the energy that fuels personal transformation. Students identify clear and easy-to-follow steps each week to create an abundant life in Body, Soul, and Spirit.
N- Next: What’s next? A journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step. Students identify and commit to the single most important action to take RIGHT NOW. This is the key to achieving and sustaining an amazing life.

FACILITATOR EDITION: Includes talking points and class outline in each lesson.

Online Video Facilitator Training Certification Course:

This training includes a student course outline that previews that entire program and prepares the facilitator to teach well. You will learn how to be an effective leader and how to manage a group for the best outcome. This training also includes personal development and good communication strategies. In addition, each facilitator receives instruction for their personal health and fitness. What better way to round out your facilitator certification than to learn about the new sustainable business model of ministry. And how anyone with a heart to impact the world can participate. The course ends with a powerful class on taking your newfound equipping into the future.

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