NTN Curriculum Overview

Learn Your Way to Health

What is “Biblical Health”?

Join the Revolution

  • God’s Ultimate Design for Health
  • Life Transforming Guidelines
  • Scientifically Proven
  • Easy for Anyone to See Results
  • Raise Healthy Children
  • Presented from a Biblical Worldview
  • Aligned with God’s Vision for Your Life
  • Nourishing to Your Body, Soul, and Spirit

Lessons for Healthy Living Plan Introduction

Get in the Game

  • Twenty-four, 20 minute, bite-size Sessions
  • Timeless Biblical Principles
  • Practical Strategies
  • Life Changing Inspiration
  • Be Educated, Equipped, and Empowered
  • Become Leaders and Mentors

From Roots to Fruits

Get Grounded in Your Identity

  • Take Root in the Truth
  • Gain Hope
  • Live in Your Real Identity
  • Learn of Your Royalty
  • Embrace Your Worthiness
  • Dine with the King

Lions Don’t Get Headaches

Undeniable Signs

  • Learn what Your Body is Saying
  • Who Should You Believe?
  • Avoid the Diseases of Excess
  • Learn what True Hunger Feels Like
  • Signs of Sickness

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