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Lessons for Healthy Living Plan

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The world is fat, sick, and tired. Your members will be lean, fit, and full of energy!

  • Getting Started is Easy and Simple
  • Get Motivated and Stay on Track
  • Experience the Revitalized Life
  • Lose Fat and Get Fit Permanently
  • Break Free from Health Destroying Food Addictions
  • Transform the Culture of Your Ministry and Community

Lessons at a Glance

12 Weeks: 24 life-changing topics

Peek inside the 24 life-changing topics and scroll through each description to discover the wealth of knowledge and transformational teachings.

  • Wk 1 / Lesson 1: UPSIDE DOWN KINGDOM

    Christians can be fooled! In many cases we are just as easily deceived as non-believers by the supposed “truths” propagated in our culture. Learn to identify the lies about health, disease, symptoms, and the world of medication, and be transformed by the renewing of your mind.

  • Wk 1 / Lesson 2: THE DISEASE ECONOMY

    Eighteen percent of all the money spent in the U.S. supports drug companies and disease care, far more than any other nation in the world! Yet, true health is declining and life expectancy is not improved in our prolific drug culture. Face the reality of how Big-Medicine and Big-Pharma construct and maintain a disease culture and economy so that you are compelled to “come out of Babylon”.


    Look closely and you will find deception everywhere in our culture. It’s time to face the facts and accept that many of your long-held beliefs about health are built on sand. How can you distinguish the truth from lies? Learn to become a “health Berean” as if your life depends on it...Because it does!


    Attaining complete health involves more than just nourishing and strengthening your physical body. Your mind and emotions must also be reclaimed to enjoy wholehearted Kingdom living the way our Creator intends! Learn to “Go big with God!’ standing in the truth that the task ahead of you is never as great as His power behind you!

  • Wk 3 / Lesson 5: THE NARROW ROAD

    Do your decisions in all facets of your life line up with a Biblical Worldview?” Are you supposed to be OK with looking like the unbelieving world in any facet of your life? This is a message that really calls the Church to a higher standard! Christians should embrace holiness in all areas of life.

  • Wk 3 / Lesson 6: FROM ROOTS TO FRUITS

    Our life was intended to be like a tree – rooting downward to bear fruit upward! Learn to embrace your identity as the child of the King. Realize you are worthy; live a kingdom life now; and learn to accept all that God has for you with joy.

  • Wk 4 / Lesson 7: THE NEGLECTED FRUIT

    One Fruit of the Spirit seems more stubborn than the rest. Are you a slave to fleshly practices? Is “dying to self” too uncomfortable? Why does that pesky Fruit of Self-Control seem to remain unripe? Deadly habits MUST be destroyed and new furrows prepared for good seed, but for that to happen you must first decide, “Who is on the throne of my life?”

  • Wk 4 / Lesson 8: ETHICAL OMNIVORES

    To eat or not to eat? That is the question. What is a “normal and healthy” diet? According to God? According to man? According to anatomy and physiology? It is time to drop the religion about food! That’s right, don’t get religious, get spiritual!

  • Wk 5 / Lesson 9: THE ABC’S OF NUTRITION

    A practical message about basic nutrition; so simple that not only can a child understand it, but adults will too! Discover what macro-nutrients (carbohydrates, proteins, fats, and fiber) really do, and where to find their best and healthiest sources. You will also learn to avoid the pitfalls so prevalent in modern “food” choices.

  • Wk 5 / Lesson 10: HEROS OF NUTRITION

    Do germs scare you? Is your hand sanitizer always close by? It’s time to call on three unseen “Heroes” available to defend and fight on your behalf: Enzymes, Phytonutrients, and Anti-Oxidants. Discover how to get ahold of these powerful super heroes and build a nutritional army that will battle daily for your health.

  • Wk 6 / Lesson 11: LIONS DONT GET HEADACHES!

    Unique, insightful, and probably the most memorable teaching from the original Lessons for Healthy Living seminar; in this presentation you will learn what your body is really saying through your cravings, urges, and addictions. What is the true source of hunger and where do you feel it? (Hint: It’s not your stomach!)

  • Wk 6 / Lesson 12: LABEL DETECTIVE

    Investigate food labels so you do not succumb to the Standard American Diet (SAD). We live in a chemical laden food culture, where synthetic and artificial are the unfortunate norm. Learn to become a Label Detective to assure that there is actually “food in your food” when you spend your hard-earned money.

  • Wk 7 / Lesson 13: WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE

    Living bodies need Living food!! With everything you eat and every food purchase you make – you are choosing either life or death. Are you engaged in accumulatively constructive or accumulatively destructive consumption? To find the answer, you’ll learn the single most important question to ask about everything you plan to eat.


    How can we eat so much, yet be undernourished and dissatisfied? Even if your dietary choices are healthy, it’s likely you still require quality whole-food supplements as insurance against nutritional deficiencies. Modern times call for the Church to not just feed the poor, but to educate the “over-fed.”

  • Wk 8 / Lesson 15: PLOP-PLOP, FIZ-FIZ

    Warning: Acidic overload will destroy your cells, causing aging and premature death! Wake up to the dangers of acid stress in your body, examine the pH of what you eat, decide which foods should be nixed, and discover how your body steals crucial minerals from your bones to deal with excess acid. Oh, what a relief it will be!


    Turn back the hands of time by applying the principles of proper food combining along with respecting your natural body cycles. Help your body “do what it does” and you will optimize your health and feel younger almost immediately.

  • Wk 9 / Lesson 17: THE TRUE FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH

    Learn how to feel young and energetic with the right exercise and eating habits. Why do you exercise or not exercise? What should your goals be? Discover how to turn on your “fat-burning switch,” so you can spend more time with God than dumbbells and still achieve all your health and fitness goals!

  • Wk 9 / Lesson 18: I WILL GIVE YOU REST

    Time to get recharged! Discover the three types of energy we all need to live, their sources, and the very real health risks of not getting enough rest. You’ll also learn great tips for getting a wonderful night’s sleep.

  • Wk 10 / Lesson 19: THE GIFT OF LISTENING

    Achieving Biblical health requires excellent communication, as our interactions with others need to be founded on the Rock. Learn the five steps essential to being an excellent listener, and how to control “self-talk” when communicating.

  • Wk 10 / Lesson 20: TO NERVE AND PROTECT

    Without healthy nervous and immune systems, you don’t stand a chance in achieving vibrant health! Discover the interconnected relationship between nerves and immunity, and how you can make both or yours healthier. You also learn important information about vaccines and your “11th organ” microbiome system.

  • Wk 11 / Lesson 21: DETOX OR DIE!

    Overly dramatic or frighteningly real?! We’ve made detoxification easy to understand. What are detox and elimination? What is your natural detoxification cycle? How will your body take extraordinary detox measures in order to heal you? Can you help the process?

  • Wk 11 / Lesson 22: THE SLIME OF SELF-SABOTAGE

    So, now you know how to be healthy, but will you do what it takes? It’s time to receive the wakeup call to focus on personal growth, overcoming obstacles, and victory in the Spirit! Identify fear, resistance, unbelief, unforgiveness, and a scarcity mindset. Learn how you often are your own worst enemy (in ways you don’t realize) and what you can do about it!

  • Wk 12 / Lesson 23: NUTRITIONAL WHOLISM

    God is concerned for your whole person; but do you have a divided mindset that “splits” life into sacred and secular categories? True nutrition is defined by every factor involved in following the Divine design. Adopt a genuinely wholistic mindset so you can finally glorify God in all areas of your life.


    Don’t become a health zealot! It is imperative that you learn how to avoid the all-to-common critical errors when switching health paradigms from medical to Biblical. We reveal the top 12 mistakes people make and how to avoid them; as well as suggest safe, all-natural treatments for the most common ailments.

The Lessons for Healthy Living Plan Manual


Say it!  “iCAN achieve superior health and fitness.”

The iCAN Manual format maximizes the benefits from each lesson so students can achieve ULTIMATE results!

Each week students describe the profound impact these lessons have had (and will have) on their lives.
Change is the bedrock of a results-based curriculum. Students identify the specific changes required in their lives to experience real transformation.
Action is the energy that fuels personal transformation. Students identify clear and easy-to-follow steps each week to create an abundant life in Body, Soul, and Spirit.
What’s next? A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. Students identify and commit to the single most important action to take RIGHT NOW. This is the key to achieving and sustaining an amazing life.


Wholistic Biblical Stewardship

Faithful followers of Christ learn to understand that Wholistic Biblical Stewardship includes wise management and aiming for excellence in all areas of life.

Spiritual Life, New Identity in Christ, Ministry Volunteerism, Prayer, Worship, Devotions, Bible Study, Commitment, Service, Obedience, Worldview, and Missions.
Spouse, Children, Parents, Siblings, Grandparents, Grandchildren, and anyone else who you consider immediate family.
Courtships, Relatives, Friends, Acquaintances, Workplace, School, Teams, Church, Mentors, Advisors, Pastors, and anyone else who influences you or is influenced by you.
Diet and Nutrition, Exercise and Fitness, Disease-care, Drugs and Medications, Energy, Priorities, Mental and Emotional, Stress, and Rest.
Stewardship, Sowing and Reaping, Giving (Time, Talents, and Treasures), Support, Spending and Saving, Investing, Debt, Philanthropy, Legacy, and Inheritance.
Calling and Purpose, Occupation or Ministry, Education, Professional Development, Business, Work, Politics, Volunteerism, Entrepreneurship, and Legacy.
Down Time, Vacations, Hobbies, Recreation and Entertainment, Recuperation, the Sabbath.

Facilitator Training

Support for your chosen program facilitators

Facilitators experience their own step-by-step personal wellness journey, while preparing to help transform the lives of others.

  • Exclusive Access to Facilitator Membership Website
  • Personal Development Coaching
  • Leadership Training
  • Find Your Voice and Increase Self-Confidence
  • Become a Positive Influence
  • Improve Your Own Personal Health and Fitness
  • Create the Opportunity to Leave a Lasting Legacy
  • Discover the Kingdom Business Model
  • Become a Certified Biblical Health Steward
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