Nourish The Nations Promise

“And may the God of peace Himself completely separate you from profane things, and may your spirit, soul and body be preserved blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus the Messiah.” – 1 Thessalonians 5:23

Nourish The Nations will only provide information that is consistent with the Bible and a Christian worldview.

Nourish The Nations is a grass roots movement that provides a truly holistic biblical health stewardship curriculum to churches, ministries, and organizations. It leverages the effectiveness of the small group, the Christian desire to spread good news, and the power of aligning all facets of one’s life (spirit, soul, and BODY) with biblical truth.

Who is Nourish The Nations

For God’s people everywhere to embrace that as Christians they must have a plan to live in holiness and be faithful stewards of all facets of their lives, BODY, SOUL, and SPIRIT.
To inspire personal and organizational decision-making that is consistent with the Bible and honoring to God by promoting a wholistic Christian worldview and faithful stewardship of all aspects of life. We do this by distributing Bible-based educational materials and curriculum; and through training, support, and certification for ministry leaders and facilitators who can then spread the cause worldwide.
  • We are triune beings with a spirit, soul, and body.
  • The Bible calls Christians to be holy (set-apart) in all three areas.
  • We should have a plan to live as such in each area.
  • The body is the most often neglected area for most Christians.
  • Christians SHOULD NOT have the same health problems as non-Christians, yet they do.
  • If Christians had superior health, fitness, and eating habits, it would be another important area where they could shine brightly into the world, as a witness to all.
  • NTN provides the materials and training for Christians to thrive in complete Biblical health.
We partner with Manna Relief to nourish children around the world!

Our Strategic Partners

Southeastern UniversityWho do you want to be?
Manna Relief – Advanced Nutrition for Malnourished Children

Our Purpose


Every Christian and Ministry wants to be appealing to the community around them. We are ambassadors of the King of the universe and need to represent His abundance in all things. It’s been extremely unfortunate that when it comes to health, fitness, and food, we generally look no different than those we wish to influence for the Kingdom, until now… NTN provides a turn-key, truly holistic, biblical health education for God’s people.


We are dedicated to fulfilling the Joseph Mandate by bringing hope to the underfed and malnourished people around the globe. Our decades of biblical health experience have shown us that worldwide feeding programs are missing one essential ingredient, “real nourishment”. Partnered with Manna Relief, NTN does not just provide calories to those who are impoverished, but whole food nutrition that satisfies what the body really needs.


The most overlooked malnourished group of people on the earth today is the overweight and overfed, yet undernourished, and poorly conditioned population. The fat and obese actually represent a larger group than those who are underfed. We bring healing to sick bodies and wrong mindsets by providing the health and fitness tools to help God’s people overcome the “fat, sick, and tired” epidemic, and reach our full potential in spirit, soul, and BODY!