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Additional Student Manual


  • 1 NTN Lessons for Healthy Living Plan Manual
  • 12 Live facilitated classes at your local church (where available)
  • 1 Course Completion Certificate


The Lessons for Healthy Living Plan:

The 158 page manual maximizes the benefits from each lesson for students to achieve ULTIMATE results!

The simple iCAN format ensures that you can experience transformation:
i- Impact: each week students describe the profound impact the lessons have had (and will have) on their lives.
C- Change: change is the bedrock of a results-based curriculum. Students identify the specific actions required in their lives to experience real transformation.
A- Action: Action is the energy that fuels personal transformation. Students identify clear and easy-to-follow steps each week to create an abundant life in Body, Soul, and Spirit.
N- Next: What’s next? A journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step. Students identify and commit to the single most important action to take RIGHT NOW. This is the key to achieving and sustaining an amazing life.


*Completion certificate for students issued by Southeastern University


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